How much does a breast lift cost?

In today’s world, Looking Good, “THE LOOK & FEEL GOOD FACTOR” is anybody’s right. It is irrespective of Age, Cast, Creed, Gender etc. & WHOA!!! What confidence does this factor command. It really feels good to make the heads turn, be it a woman.

Women, in their own different ways, “EXERCISE” & flaunt their Assets. The Vital Statistics are really cared about & maintained these days. It is normally seen that, during the most important stages of one’s life , “Like Marriage” etc. both, the would be Bride & Groom, start taking extra care of themselves. The paunchies would become very regular towards burning the fat accumulated in the Middle. The young ladies would start availing of the Beauty/Massage parlours more often, Needless to say Why?? Not to forget the young girls graduating from innocence to womanhood, become very conscious about the topic in question.

Here comes the concept of BREAST LIFT. Normally, it is after pregnancy or breast feeding, that women(Not All) get deshaped or sagging breasts. In my opinion, it is as casual as getting, “Stretch marks”. And, so is the treatment & the cost involved.
The treatment of sagging breasts is MASTOPEXY. By definition MASTOPEXY is the plastic or cosmetic surgery, which raises or firms the sagging breasts by correcting or modifying the size, Contour & elevation of breasts. This is a fairly simple procedure & hence does not demand a very big price. Cosmetic or plastic surgeons are available across the globe & there are same number of corresponding facilities available. No wonder, the surgery would be cheaper in this part of the world, where breast implant or augmentation is more economical compared to the western counterparts.
how much does a breast lift cost

How much does a breast lift cost?

About a breast lift cost, there are many factors to consider:

  • Location
  • Qualifications
  • Doctor Fee
  • Anesthesiologists’ Fee
  • Facility Fee

If we classify the total cost of a breast lift into Fixed & Variable costs, where the Type/Class of room, The disposables used etc. could be considered as variable costs & the procedure & doctor’s fees could be considered as fixed costs, even then, the total cost would be lesser in this part of the world rather than the other side of the globe.

For the surgery itself, breast lift cost range is about $4,000 – $9,000.

Today, we spend a lot on Gels, Creams, Aftershaves, Beauty Parlors, Attire, Eye & Watchgear etc., it won’t be an exaggregation or an overstatement to say that the total amount of money being spent on such accessories is making many earn their bread & butter & yes with cheese also.

Then why limit surgeries of this nature to only the priviliged ones only. It should be made accessible to all & sundry & looking & feeling good should be made a rule/a religion, which should be abided by all.

Breast Lift Cost
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  1. Bridgette Lem at | | Reply

    In Los Angeles, The full price maybe about $7000 – $15000. The price depends on technique and geographical area.

  2. Camila at | | Reply

    can those still breast feed after an uplift?

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